Debates in schools

Rameez Ali Mahesar
Naushahro Feroze, Sindh

In schools, debates on different topics are held to observe talent of the students. It is mainly happened in high schools and somehow higher secondary schools. Some time ago, in one of the top ranked private schools of Hyderabad (Sindh) debate on media was organized. Two 9th class girl students were there to speak in favour and against the topic. The girl who spoke against media won the day.
Since then I have wondered how a 9th class student can measure role of media because a small mind is unable to perceive and measure power and vigour of the media. It is a silly activity within the schools to choose this kind of topics to be spoken against. On the contrast, it is aggravating the minds of the young students to make them habitual to talk negative by choosing them to talk against the topics.
I request the school authorities to hold a great deal of these kinds of activities but choose the topics to be spoken in favour. And if they want to arrange comparative debates, they must choose topics that are advantageous to the students as well as to the teachers.

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