Death to the rapist..!

ONCE upon a time in a lawless country, the lawlessness which he had helped create, a king heard a clamour coming from different parts of his kingdom. He looked at his knights bullying and lynching and raping and growled, “What do the people ask this time?”
“They are angry about the rapes!” laughed an oval headed knight who was in charge of law and order in the kingdom. “How foolish of them!” cried another knight, artful with his tongue but having a problem with his kidneys, as oft the other knights found to their dismay after a day of bullying and raping and lynching.
The king laughed with his knights but grew serious, “This protesting by these citizens is being heard by neighbouring kingdoms and others across the sea.” “So what?” asked Knight Oval Head. “Don’t bother!” smiled Knight Kidney Problems. “But it’s a bit embarrassing!” admitted the king, “When I went to see this Queen across the seas, people were shouting and screaming we had too many rapes in our country, especially little children!”
“We can’t stop! We’ve got used to it!” laughed all the knights in a chorus, and the king looked at them happily. They were a good bunch of knights, he realized and had helped him come to power, and it would not help taking away their little entertainment of bullying and lynching and raping. He had been silent for quite awhile, watching what was happening, hoping that the protestors would slowly get used to the new order of such things becoming a way of life in his kingdom, but as he heard the clamouring from the people and protests from across the seas, he was thoughtful for awhile, then suddenly smiled.
“My dear knights!” he shouted, “I have decided what to do!”
“Nothing drastic that will get us into trouble!” warned one of the knights, an old fellow, known for his love for little girls, “Remember it is we who helped you come to power, and we can take that power away from you!” “I know!” said the king, “What I’m going to announce is that anybody who rapes a child will be hanged to death!”
“What!” exclaimed all the knights. “This law will please the protestors, still their anger and stop the condemnations across the seas!” smiled the king. “You want us all to hang?” shouted the knights. “My dear knights!” said the king his white beard shaking with merriment, “How will you ever be convicted? Remember, the implementers of the law are you yourselves! You are the police, you are the courts, and you are my knights. As long as you don’t arrest each other, life goes on the way it is!”
“Death to the rapists! Death to the rapists!” cheered the knights as they went back to bullying and lynching and raping, and as King Whitebeard went back to his habitual silence..!

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