Death sentences in naval dockyard attack case

A NAVAL tribunal has sentenced to death five officers in the September 2014 Karachi Naval Dockyard attack case. The five were charged with having links with the militant Islamic State, mutiny, hatching a conspiracy and carrying weapons in the dockyard.
Our officials from foreign office to the Interior Ministry have been denying any organised presence of the ISIS, also known by the Arabic acronym Daesh, in Pakistan. The militant outfit is a Middle Eastern organization having roots in North Africa but it has been made its inroads in several other regions of the world including Afghanistan. So the presence of their sympathizers within Pakistan cannot be ruled out. However, what is worrisome and should set off alarm bells is that the outfit has also managed to make its way in the institutions that are meant for the security and defence of the country. After the attack on the dockyard which was actually meant to hijack the warship PNS Zulfiqar to use it in some other terror activity, Defence Minister Khwaja Asif while confirming the involvement of navy officers had also declared that the two officials of the Pakistan Navy, one commissioned and the other non-commissioned officer, who were also involved in the attack, have fled the country, probably to neighbouring Afghanistan. The presence of such significant number of ISIS or any other terror outfit linked officers or soldiers in the Armed forces is beyond any understanding as we all know that the recruitment in the three forces is subject to tough scrutiny and even after the induction process, we understand there exists an oversight mechanism. Despite the presence of such strong vigilance system, how did the supporters of a militant outfit join the Navy and then remained in close liaison and touch with other members of the group to perpetrate the sordid act. This incident speaks negligence on the part of Pakistan Navy as well as the intelligence agencies and responsibility should be fixed in this regard. Besides, such a foolproof system should be developed so that such elements could not penetrate in the Armed forces as this also taints the very image of our military that is ranked amongst the best in the world.

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