Death of Hawking

The death of Stephen Hawking – the man who defied the ALS disease for several decades – has created a vacuum that can never be filled. The remarkable physicist work shaped modern cosmology. His work was popular among millions of people around the world. Although the wheelchair-bound scientist lost his ability to speak a few years after he was diagnosed with ALS, he kept giving lectures to a large number of audience by using speech synthesizer. His books that are written on complex and difficult concepts of space and time are often called layman’s guide to cosmology.
Stephen Hawking was a giant of theoretical physics who bridged the divide between science and popular culture. We have indeed lost a genius whose science was matched with humanity and humour. Hawking was a remarkable man who never let his disability define him but managed to rise above physical disabilities to become one of the world’s intellectual geniuses of the 20th Century. He helped change the way we all perceive disabled people. He will perhaps be remembered best as the man with the brilliant mind trapped in a broken body.
Jubel D’Cruz
Mumbai, India

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