‘Dead eyes’ song on India’s Republic Day


In occupied Kashmir, with the advent of harsh winter, the ongoing uprising has turned to social media with an anti-India rap song, ‘Dead eyes’, released on the occasion of India’s 68 Republic Day, Thursday.
In a blend of Kashmiri and English language, the song speaks of pellet victims, stone fighters, and incarcerated youth. It begins with: “In the broad daylight I got blind; to light darkness, I will abide; Yeah! I lost my eyes while fighting with tyranny”. Composed by budding rappers Amir Ame, Sufi Auqib and Danish Butt, the song questions India’s role in Kashmir, its judiciary, and also the role of the United Nations in Kashmir.
“Summer 2016 changed me altogether. It made me politically aware. I decided to sing rap and dedicate it to my suffering people. I was just waiting for today to release it,” said Amir, who posted the song on his YouTube channel at the time when the Indian flag was being unfurled in New Delhi.
“Republic Day or Independence Day never bothered me, until the uprising made me aware that the Kashmiris do not have their own republic. If we had one, we would have celebrated it. Through this song I represent my political will,” Amir said.
Amir has his own band, ‘The Rhyme Machine’, comprising five boys and a girl. In 2016 the group launched its debut album ‘Anecdote EP’, with seven songs based on different themes and sung in Kashmiri, Urdu, Punjabi and English. Amir said that his aim earlier was taking hip-hop and rap to the people, to make them aware of evils like rape, poverty, drugs. Now, the songs aim to portray the sufferings of Kashmiris.—KMS

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