Dawn Leaks

U K Dar
Manchester, UK

There is huge hue and cry in the media about Pakistan Army withdrawing an earlier tweet which had rejected Prime Minister’s notification regarding the Dawn Leaks. I have failed to understand the attitude of few media personalities; earlier they were arguing the illegitimate nature of tweet and now when the two institutions have reconciled they are not happy again. If Army top brass was not happy about something, it objected and now when they are satisfied that anomaly has been removed and that the issue had been settled, hawks in media and political parties are making a mountain out of a molehill. I fully endorse the decision by Pakistan Army and think this is in the best interest of the country keeping in view the geopolitics situation Pakistan is in. With Indian occupied Kashmir boiling and Afghanistan and Iran almost threatening Pakistan, clash between Prime Minister and Pakistan Army was the last thing Pakistan needed. There is a quotation from the Duke of Wellington that says: ‘The mark of a great leader is to know when to retreat, and dare to do it’.

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