Dawn leaks-II

Muzaffar Ali

WHEN on Oct 12, 2016, news leaked and published in Dawn admittedly against national security. The story was leaked out of a confidential meeting headed by the then PM, Nawaz Sharif. The news was stunning for every citizen of Pakistan. I, myself, also felt my responsibility to express my feelings through an article and wrote. The article was published in Pakistan Observer on Oct 30, 2016, thereby I suggested to take the responsible into account. The last Para of the article is reproduced here under: “The role of Pak army in fighting against the terrorist organizations has been praised by the army chiefs of UK and US. The news gave an impression that the civil government and the Pak army are not on the same page in dealing with the terrorist groups. The most important aspect of the story is that how and who leaked or fed the news agency to publish the story in question. The organization has clearly stated that some of the participants of the meeting enabled the reporter to get the story. Is it not a dilemma to believe the version? All the participants are of high ranks and if it is true then it can be said that enemy is hidden in our high ranks who must be divulged to take him to cleaners”.
The spokesman of the then PM termed the news misleading and false. The Corps Commanders expressed serious concerns over the story. Inquiries made, some chessmen were ousted of their services but the people were kept ignorant of the secrets of the story. The establishment ignored the issue despite, it was relating to the national security. Would the state organs had taken the leaks into a serious note and followed the same to take the conspiracy down to the dome. The real culprits of the leaks remained untouched as the responsibles took the issue leniently and the issue was buried. Meanwhile the panama leaks turned the mind of people and institution towards the abroad undeclared wealth of Mia family. The matter went to the Supreme Court and finally Nawaz Sharif disqualified under article 62(f) declaring him “dishonest” and “no ameen” and matter of undeclared wealth of Sharif family was remitted to the NAB court for trial. Because of the verdict, Nawaz was compelled to step down from premiership but he did not accept the judgment, so, he lead a rally from Pindi to Lahore, delivered speeches, impeaching the independent judiciary and Pak army but no one came forward to prevent him from seducing speeches and sedition is at full bloom till today.
Nawaz Sharif and his party were allowed to mislead the people of Pakistan as such they became bold enough to fawn upon the powers having hostile attitude towards the Pakistan and few days later Nawaz Sharif called reporter Cyril Almeida to Multan under protocol given by the government as per directives of the Nawaz Sharif and gave him an interview whereby he claimed that, the Mumbai attackers were allowed to intrude into India from Pakistan for lodging their criminal act and also stated that, no trial proceeds against the accomplices arrested in Pakistan for their criminal act without any reason. When the interview was published in Dawn, the people of Pakistan, the political parties and the civil society in Pakistan condemned the same because it amounts to breach of national security and indeed, the interview gave a space to the India to propagate internationally against Pakistan. In fact, the interview was a deliberate action by Nawaz Sharif and his party to give a substance to enemy countries to defame the Pak army, propagating its involvement in terrorist activities in collusion with the non state terrorist actors.
The interview of a person, like Nawaz Sharif, who ruled the Pakistan as premier thrice and also elected as chief minister of Punjab once, could be blessing for hostile countries particularly the India celebrated the interview as a gift for it to take the sky on its head against the Pakistan and it really has taken benefit of, for posing Pakistan as terrorist country despite that, the India itself is involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan, Kulbushan Yadav, the spying officer of India who was arrested in Baluchistan. Keeping in view the above situation, a meeting of the Security Council was convened the other day on request of ISPR, headed by the prime minister who is nominee of disqualified Nawaz Sharif.
The Security Council after its meeting issued a unanimous “communiqué” whereby, the security council condemned the statement published in Dawn in reference to the interview given by Nawaz Sharif but just after the communiqué, the premier met disqualified Nawaz Sharif thereafter, he invited a press conference and gave a conflicting statement to and defended Nawaz Sharif lauding that, Nawaz Sharif is his leader. Nawaz also reconfirmed his statement in front of NAB court. On the other side, Rana Sanaullah, the law minister Punjab also jumped into and defended Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif and his party have decided to confront the state unless the cases against Nawaz family and the verdict of the Supreme Court are withdrawn. Nawaz Sharif could go to any extreme even at the cost of national security unless checked.
— The writer is retired Justice Supreme Appellate Court, Gilgit-Baltistan.

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