Davos yatra

PRIME Minister Nawaz Sharif is attending World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting at Davos in Switzerland where he has a full agenda including a number of bilateral meetings with heads of states and governments, as well as with business leaders. The forum surely provides an unparalleled platform to discuss wide-ranging economic and political issues and hopefully the Prime Minister would be able to exploit this opportunity to its fullest possible extent.
Generally, it is believed that Davos yatra is a pleasure trip to the snow-clad town of Switzerland where elite of the world gather to discuss serious issues in cosy halls and conference rooms. Pakistani leaders have been attending the forum for many years and it is debatable whether and to what extent these visits have been productive. However, in prevailing environment, visit of the Prime Minister assumes significance because of a number of reasons. India is trying to isolate the country diplomatically and the visit as well as bilateral meetings with the world leaders would help frustrate Indian designs. Kashmir is burning and has become a nuclear flashpoint and during his address to the forum and in bilateral meetings, the Prime Minister will have an opportunity to explain to the global audience about ground realities and India’s intransigence. Similarly, Pakistan is successfully fighting war against terror and has numerous successes to its credit on this account. In an acknowledgement of Pakistan’s successes, former Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif has also been invited to address the forum and apart from him, the PM will have ample opportunities to spotlight these achievements and rebut propaganda by India and some other countries that accuse Pakistan of harbouring terrorists. Again, business leaders from across the globe are attending the meeting and interaction with them would help PM highlight the fact that Pakistan’s economy was poised to take off especially in the backdrop of $57b Chinese investment under the CPEC.

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