Dates in Pakistan

Sana Samad

Dates are an iconic part of the Muslim culture and considered one of the few fronts mentioned repeatedly in Holy Quran. Dates are very much beneficial for the health especially for women during the pregnancy time because it is full of nutrition and as well delicious. It is containing mainly carbohydrates and umpteenth types of sugar but also proteins, vitamins and minerals. According to a survey, Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of dates with an annual production of around 650,000 tons in the form of over 300 varieties. Sindh has surpassed other provinces by sharing 58 percent of the total dates.
Recently Pakistan was considered the third largest exporter of dates. Pakistani dates exports could be raised to $200 million from the current $28 million with good management and packing. Even the damaged dates are used for medical purposes and date oil is fit for use in cosmetic. It shows that dates are full of advantages so we should continue producing more and more dates.

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