Dastardly attacks in Iran

GIVING new dimension to regional security scenario, terrorists struck Iranian Parliament and the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini in Tehran on Wednesday, killing at least 12 people and injuring 46 others in the twin assaults. Condemnation of the terrorist assault and suicide attack poured from across the globe.
Iran had zero tolerance for terrorist activities and it was because of proper handling of situation that the country was considered to be somewhat immune to this problem. It is hardly understandable, how terrorists made their way to two most revered places in Iran and threat by so-called Islamic State (IS or Daesh), which has claimed responsibility of dastardly attacks, to carry out more such attacks raises the spectre of growing instability in the region. The incident also confirmed reports that IS is establishing its foothold in the region especially Afghanistan because of lack of control by Kabul Government on its own territory. IS attack is understandable as Iranian-backed forces are fighting the terrorist outfit in Iraq and Syria and Tehran attacks could be in retaliation to the Iranian policy. However, Iranian Revolutionary Guards have blamed Saudi Arabia, threatening to take revenge, which would complicate the situation further as tension was already boiling ever since severing of diplomatic ties by some GCC countries with Qatar, which is seen as tilted towards Iran. We believe that this is the handiwork of anti-Islam forces that are always looking for opportunities to sow seeds of disunity, mistrust and discord among Ummah ranks in fulfilment of their nefarious agenda against Islam and its followers. This is surely part of the policy of ‘divide and rule’ but unfortunately leadership of the Muslim world is unable to comprehend the true nature of the challenge and conspiracies of the enemies. Strangely enough, Muslims are being blamed of extremism and terrorism but they are direct and worst victim of the menace as we have witnessed in different parts of the world. Eradicating terrorism should be the number one priority of the Islamic world and saner elements within the Ummah should take the lead to bring all Muslim countries on one platform to respond to the challenge without allowing it to dent their own solidarity and unity.

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