Darkening clouds ?

Tariq Khalil

POST Riyadh the world seems to be moving in a new era of confrontation. The collection of monarchs, autocrats Princess, Ministers and collection western experts on the occasion called 50 Muslim countries summit is greatest irony of this century. Trump now is clear more cunning then perceived. His campaign claims to rein in Islamic terrorists is now understandably taking shape. To eliminate Muslims externally is impossible. The answer is simple weaken them internally. Make them fight and destroy them militarily and financially. Earlier considerable damage has been done in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Marakash, Yemen Palestine and not the least Afghanistan. Efforts were made even in Pakistan where TTP were the foot soldiers of RAW and came as close 90 km from Islamabad. It is now clear IS is nothing but intelligence Arm of Israel.
The have been funded and armed by CIA and Israel. But now they are enemies. It is no surprise they never attacked Israel. The Trumps visit to Saudi Arabia thus exposed the contours of Trump led in folding of US policy against Muslim world. It the classic move that use Muslim against Muslim and we are going to witness another catastrophe in Muslim world. The beginning of a new war in Middle East and Iran. Middle East itself will fall victim to inter Arab differences on such a policy. The question is why 50 autocratic rulers kings and Prime ministers were there, they went to pay homepage to a person who openly ridiculed them yet no one ruler had a courage to rise and correct him. Rather they were vying even for a hand shake. 110 billion of arms orders against whom – Muslims.
Ironic- Madam May is in Saudi Arabia to cut deal , again weapon sale.Trumps sympathy for India and his remarks India suffering under exported terrorism are very meaningful and rings danger bells for Pakistan. He did not mention how much Pakistan suffered is a huge diplomatic failure on the part of Pakistan. Wave of fresh terrorism in Afghanistan is not owned by Talban and Daes. Then who is responsible. Ashraf Ghani and India are quick to blame Pakistan. Afghanistan has three power centres. Ashraf Ghani as president, Abdullah and Americans. Where as invested a lot in Ashraf Ghani. They would not like his government fall apart. The debris of the mess is being planned to thrown on Pakistan. Thus be ready for a fresh wave of terrorism in Pakistan. Coincidence? Indian media also claiming investment on Present rulers. Undoubtedly great game is being played . The hearing in US Senate that Pakistan soil is still being used against Afghanistan by Talbans and India may cross borders to mop up terrorists is apparently a policy guide line and Pakistan may face a war sooner or later.
On Pakistan’s Western Front Afghanistan is heating up. More than hundred killed within a week and Talban denied responsibility, then who ? There are scores of terrorist organisations operating and responsibly is now being claimed by Daesh. This already has triggered debate in Washington where even in Senate and White House raising fingers on Pakistan. Thus a new scenario is emerging and more terrorist activities in Pakistan are expected. This also provide opportunity to elements wanting to sabotage CPEC.. activities are likely to increase on this sector also.
In this Indian open threats and alert to Indian Airforce are meaningful and needs to be taken seriously specially with Indian held Kashmir movement gaining ground and India perceptions that they can get away in this scenario any adventure can not be ruled out. Specially Indian political leadership now counting casualty figures in a controlled nuclear war. What both sides will suffer. On our side we are not ready , logistic reserves and preparedness is far from satisfactory . In public there is no awareness of nuclear defensive measure. At zero point and at certain distance nothing will survive, but fall out of radiation and distance away what measures are to be taken. There is no preparedness also against water aggression. Politically our government is in mess we are in dire danger. It is therefore a situation where Pakistan should evaluate its role in Saudi Alliance and should Raheel continue or resign? Also strengthen guard internally, on the Eastern and Western borders. Avoid war and follow a calculated, patient approach and must not be provoked. We have to buy the time.
—The writer, a retired Brigadier, is decorated veteran of 65 & 71 wars and a defence analyst based in Lahore.

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