Danger of clashes

On July 17, a news item sensationalised and spread fear of clash between China and India. It was reported that China fired a missile on the Sikkim border. 158 soldiers were reported to be killed in this incident. The news was false as no such incident happened. But this incident highlighted the dispute over Sikkim between India and China. It can trigger a bigger clash. India is not acting in a prudent manner. The dispute lies on the Dong Liang strip which has always been considered part of China under the 1890 agreement between Britain and China.
Now India is trying to claim it as its territory and stopping China to build a road in this area, because it fears that it will be cut from its north-eastern areas where the revolutionary forces are engaged in freedom movement. China has warned India to stop intervening in its affairs. India is not listening and preparing for clash with China. Narendra Modi is acting out sorts with American backing and bent upon creating trouble. He has agitated over this issue and has already convinced President Donald Trump to support him.
India has stored its nuclear weapons in Andaman Islands. Pakistan has acquired capability to hit the arsenal depot with its long range missiles Shaheen 111. India probably can hide its nuclear arsenal somewhere else out of the reach of Pakistani missiles. Bhutan is under the influence pf India as it cannot exist independently. Until 1075 Sikkim was independent but later India annexed it. India has virtually annexed Hyderabad, Jonagarh and Kashmir over years. India is trying to enter into hostilities at two fronts simultaneously but it is not possible for it because Pakistan is prepared to take on India might. China can obliterate India in no time. This move will destabilize peace in region.

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