Danda makes difference

People in general and housewives in particular in the provincial metropolis for many days have been raising hue and cry over sky rocketing prices of vegetables mainly tomatoes and onion which were selling at between Rs 100 to Rs 200 per kilo due to artificial shortage created by profiteers and hoarders. Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif taking due notice of high prices of vegetables pulled up government officials concerned telling them to go after the hoarders and profiteers and ensure increased supply of essential commodities to bring the prices down to the reasonable level at the earliest..
According to the reports in the media, this strict direction of the chief minister worked as the authorities concerned went after the profiteers, hoarders and black-marketers with a Danda. Coupled with increased supply of essential vegetables from neighbouring countries of Iran and Afghanistan as well as Sindh and Balochistan, prices of tomatoes and onion besides other vegetables have started easing.
Though people have taken sign of relief over this strict action but still a lot remains to be done. This has also sadly reflected on slackening of efforts by the officials in keeping strict vigilance over prices of essential commodities and activities of those who control the market pricing trends through short supply and other tactics to earn maximum profits overnight shamefully unmindful of how much the people suffer.
The chief minister will surely earn more goodwill of the people particularly housewives who are more adversely affected when the vegetables prices soar up overnight if this Danda action against profiteers, hoarders and vested interests is carried out on a regular basis. Danda has made the much desired and welcome difference and this should remain high on the heads of those fleecing the people left and right.

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