Dams without water

Currently, a wave has arisen for building dams, is a best remedy to save water and making reserves. But one thing is more important that there should be fair distribution of water among provinces on the basis of population and agriculture. No small province should be deprived from due rights (fair/equal distribution). Besides, one thing is more important that we should save water by pragmatic ways.
According to a report, we (Pakistanis) waste water approximately 35 million acre foot (MAF) out of 145 MAF by mismanaging due to improper water courses, and another 35MAF is being wasted into the sea during the rainy season every year. This is ridiculous. Though, if policy-makers claim that building more dams are part and parcel for Pakistan to reserve water, they should consider as well taking pragmatic measures to save huge flow of water instead of wasting into the sea. So, if we are unable to manage water in lieu of saving, then what is the use of building more dams? In this case, the latter might become a big liability rather than an asset.
Sujawal, Sindh

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