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Dagha, a saner choice

PRIME Minister Imran Khan’s choice to appoint one of the most experienced bureaucrats, Muhammad Yunus Dagha, as new Finance Secretary is reflective of his determination to achieve daunting targets he has set in the realm of finance and economy. This is because Dagha brings with him a rich and varied experience and has the capability and the will to deliver in most trying circumstances.
Mr Dagha has assumed the new charge at a time when Pakistan is passing through a challenge time because of financial and economic woes. No doubt, PTI Government has succeeded to a great extent in overcoming initial hiccups and has secured significant assistance from some friendly countries to help bridge the deficit but the Prime Minister has avowed commitment to improve the resource position and bring more people into tax net so that the country stands on its own feet financially. This is important because no country can safeguard its political sovereignty without financial and economic sovereignty. Throughout his career, Mr Dagha worked hard and with innovation to improve things in departments and ministries that he headed during his enviable career. The credit for award of Thar coal mining and successful implementation of Thar coal power project also goes to him. Apart from successfully negotiating a number of power projects that are leading towards resolution of the unending power shortage, he also brought about fundamental reforms in power distribution companies, making them consumer friendly and addressing grievances of consumers to a great extent. Dagha’s appointment would hopefully lead to finalization of bail-out package with IMF on acceptable conditions, successful interaction with the FATF and most importantly preparation of the new budget in an innovative manner as per agenda of the Prime Minister and expectations of the masses.