Cycling is such a fun

In the early morning hours, with the sun not fully out, a pack of colourful helmet-covered heads rush by you, pedalling at varying speeds, enjoying the wind in their face with friends and family. Over the past few years, believe it or not, this has become a common sight on Karachi’s streets. With the law and order situation in the city better than before, cycling enthusiasts have started braving the roads of the City of the Quaid.
Several groups on Facebook organise rides throughout the city on different days and interested riders need only show up at the meeting point with their cycle and enthusiasm. If you want to join the fun but don’t have the gear, no worries! Various shops rent out cycles for a few hours at reasonable rates. Cycling is not only a fantastic way to exercise, it is environmental-friendly and allows you to explore your city in a way you wouldn’t be able to do in a car. You can even turn it into a family outing! You’ll see several riders with their spouses and children having the time of their lives.
My first ride was with the Critical Mass Karachi group and it was a wonderful experience. Cycling in my abaya, I rode without any fear or judgement. Their ever-present support crew was an additional source of comfort in case of a mishap. I encourage everyone to go for a ride at least once and let yourself become a part of the great city that is Karachi.

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