Curtains for CM Zehri

As expected Mr Zehri, CM Balochistan, having lost majority mandate in Provincial Assembly resigned instead of being axed through no-confidence motion. His absence from province amidst allegations of massive corruption and mis-governance has been hallmark of successive governments, ever since days of Musharraf, who went on a rampage killing loyal and patriotic men like Nawab Bugti.
From rampant smuggling of weapons, Iranian fuel, stolen vehicles etc into Pakistan through our manned border check-posts with Iran and Afghanistan and entry of alien terrorists and a bureaucracy dominated by corrupt civil servants like Finance Secretary Mushtaq Raisani and choice of comic person Aslam Raisani as CM by Asif Zardari, this province and its people have suffered neglect, poverty and almost no basic necessities like clean drinking water, education, health and minimal security.
In a democracy individuals are elected to serve as CM or PM and there is no room for dictatorships nor ruling families which exist only in monarchies or fiefdoms. In parliamentary democracy, an individual not disqualified by judiciary, enjoying support of majority can serve as PM or CM as per the 1973 Constitution, while the President is a ceremonial head. Unfortunately in Pakistan, unlike India, the post of the President has been rendered ridiculed by nominating nonentities like Fazal Elahi. Democracy is about serving people, nor appointing corrupt cronies like Dr Asim, Sharjeel Memon, etc.

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