Curtailing Pak-US trust deficit

It seems quite appalling when America blames Pakistan to be an enemy instead of a trusted ally. Isn’t it? Our law enforcement agencies have done everything to make the land safe from the terrorists nurtured inside and outside of Pakistan. We have also sacrificed a lot of financial as well as non-financial assets. Amidst this situation, the crucial matter that is not being deemed over on both sides is the effective border management.
Pak-Afghan border is one of the vulnerable borders in the world. The war-mongers and drug lords have earned billions of dollars and secured their interests through it. It is 2,611km long. Khyber, Bajaur and Mohmand are the highly vulnerable areas which require all-embracing and speedy border management.
Around 10,000 and 15,000 people cross the border almost daily and there are about 2000 vehicles with various things that pass through it. Afghans want to have this border open for them 24/7, and there should not be anyone checking them; same is the case with some people in this side of the border. Making matter worse, they are politically protected.
Politicians in Pakistan claim that both countries are religiously and culturally integrated; therefore, the border should remain unwrap and no check and balance is required. Although countries in the EU are more unified than Muslims in the current time but they fulfil all the requirements related to moving from one country to another. Withal, they have all the facts and figures belonging to the commuters and the equipment they carry.

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