Curse of honour killing

Imran Ali Phull

Frequent cases of honour killing in various parts of country have excruciated every sensible and sensitive one. Thousands of women are murdered every year by their families, in name of ‘honour’. A spate of honour killing is unfolding the real picture of implementation of law and order in the country.
Honour killing is perceived as a death, which is awarded to a woman or man for having extra-marital relationship or even in many cases because of intention to marry against the wishes of parents. In this critical situation, government must take rapid, significant and appropriate steps to counter this hideous crime. First of all, the government must arrange seminars and public gatherings, where people should be made aware regarding this issue. A proper campaign must be started on television, radio etc to catch attention of society. In different regions, local important, religious and prestigious personalities should be requested to also include this social issue in their talks and religious sermons. People who are potentially at risk must be informed that legal help is available and it must be quick and easy to access.
Even it will be extremely beneficial step if this theme is included in our curriculum as well. It is need of the hour that government must implement strict laws and ensure their strict execution. System of justice should be made transparent and quick so that the public doesn’t take matters in its hands.
— Karachi

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