Cultural lag and our youth

Cultural lag is a sociological term which elucidates that when society reaches its peak of technological advancement but the masses lack sufficient cognitive skills to utilize those technological advancement i.e. the material part of culture (Technology) developing faster than non-material (ideas, norms and values) which results in malpractices of societal members. They will use technology in a destructive way rather than constructive. The applications of this term are best suited in the current scenario of SSC result of BISE Mardan. Official report of result shows 71 per cent of fail students while 29 percent of students passed all papers and promoted to 10th and 11th classes.
The ratio of failed students is alarming and there is no single reason for it to be attributed to. For instance, excessive use of mobile phones and social media i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, Imo, Instagram etc, lack of student and teacher understanding, policy of “mar nahi pyar” contributed more as there is no full and push factors for students which become a compulsion to have study on time, lack of social control from family side, and bad company. Another major reason is the wrong policy changes from time to time as BISE Mardan introduce bio-metric system for Objective Questions.
Students of 9th class have fear in mind and they consider Board exam a ‘beast’. How poor students will know that there is no chance of mistakes in bio-metric system. Consequently, students are not capable of understanding. There is dire need of parenting role to socialize and aware children. Apart from this, suitable awareness program relating to changes in exams conduction and about the negative impact of technology has to introduce in schools this will enable students to control the usage of negative aspects of technology.

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