Cultural imperialism

“The world has literally become a Mickey Mouse operation… the US reins supreme as an exporter of music, film, television, sports, food, and hundreds of consumer products.” — William Ecenbarger.
According to statistics taken in 1995, 80% of the movie receipts around the world were from American movies; American software, television, and music are so dominant and sought after, that they are now readily available everywhere in the world. They have long been influencing the lives and aspirations of almost every nation. Pakistan, too, is one of those countries where everything Western is the ‘new cool’.
Teenagers look up to Western celebrities more than their own; they prefer their authors, songs and movies over their own. It is indeed important for cultures to dwell in mutual peace and understanding, but forgetting your own values in the process may lead to an identity crisis, and we, as Pakistanis, need to realise this before we lose our identity to this cultural imperialism.
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