CSS in Urdu

Kashif Hakro

Lahore Hight Court has directed FPSC to conduct CSS (Central Superior Services examination) in Urdu from 2018 onwards. Presently tests in various departments including induction of judicial magistrates in courts are being conducted in English. Therefore, singling out CSS will have grave implications for the aspirants, and is likely to cause uneasiness and anguish. The verdict is a reiteration of a similar decision passed in 2015 by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. It’s certainly a rational decision and in the line with the Constitution. However, fact of the matter is that despite Urdu being the national language, the state has done little to instil it in the masses, especially those who live in rural areas.
Even after the calls of Supreme Court to translate public documents in Urdu, no progress has been seen yet. Resultantly, majority of people neither speak nor write standard Urdu. The decision may cause outcry in various ethnicities because it can be considered as the act of alienation. Besides, due to all of sudden, it is also injustice to the aspirants who have been preparing for a couple of yeas and have attained command over English and the decision is tantamount to retrograde them to the square one from where they have started. Therefore, rquest is made to the honourable court that it must take considerations of the ground realities and force the government to create conducive milieu for Urdu before any such decision.

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