CSS exam in Urdu

Hadia Aziz

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPPC) has been directed by courts to conduct CSS exams in the Urdu language. This decision might discourage many students who want to participate. As most of students have, more grasp in English language because we studied most of our subject in English language. In addition, it is very difficult to participate, as Urdu is an optional subject after intermediate in the English medium colleges and universities.
Promoting a national language is not bad but it should not be forced as most of students who are getting education from urban areas have more access to English language, as it is a universal language. Urdu can be encouraged as making it a compulsory subject. Urdu language can be introduced through various means but this not ultimate solution. A humble request to the courts to take this decision back and make Urdu as an optional language for CSS examination.

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