Criminal use of water

After putting the issue of the construction of dams under the rug for a number of years, finally a sitting government looks keen to bring the matter on table. Understanding the intensity of the problem, Imran rightly dubbed “the construction of dams” as the priority which takes precedence over rest of the problems the country currently undergoes. Whether or not overseas Pakistanis respond to his appeal, in which he has urged them to send donations for dams, but one should acknowledge that PTI’s direction is right and intentions are noble unlike previous governments who kept their usual slumber intact despite growing alarms of climate change. Having said that, do we-the public- share this concern to the level our prime minister does? I doubt we don’t. And here is why.
All we see around us is the criminal wastage of this precious commodity even by those who put a lot of effort to avail it. Even in such crises situation there is no death of people who use water extravagantly to give their vehicles bridal-look every Friday or Sunday. They will pour litres and litres of water where a mere wet piece of cloth serves just as good. To top it off, they do this, more often than not, in streets and until the water soaks, neighbours have to bear with pollution.
So it should be the responsibility of those who have easy access to water to regulate it more smartly. We tend to forget that when one class of our society loses itself in cold shower for good half an hour, an overwhelming majority is fantasizing to get just about enough water to get on with its basic needs. I’m all for building new dams but provided our mishandling of water, I fancy, no dam is big enough to reserve it, lest government takes drastic incentives to spread awareness among masses. Penalizing people for over-consumption could also be considered as one of the options to curb down the practice.
Mithi, Tharparkar

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