Criminal silence on Kashmir violence, why?

THE dreadful and inhumane face of Indian state terrorism was at its peak in occupied Kashmir on the weekend when occupying forces in a senseless killing spree gunned down 17 innocent Kashmiri youth during clashes and search operations in southern part of the held Valley. The weekend clashes were the worst since a 3-day skirmish last month in the forests of northern Kashmir left 10 dead. This year in fact has seen an increased violence in the occupied territory with over fifty people already killed.
While Pakistan’s Foreign Office and top government functionaries were quick to condemn the massacre of Kashmir youth, it is unfortunate and regrettable that the so-called champions of human rights and democracy are observing criminal silence on these acts, which if had happened in any Muslim country against non-Muslims would have witnessed a barrage of denunciation. Though with such brute use of force, India has never succeeded or will succeed in future to suppress the voice of Kashmiri people for their right to self-determination, yet the double standard on the part of international community are bound to make this region more volatile and insecure. In fact, the so-called flag bearers of human rights also chose to remain tight-lipped when the Indian troops unleashed a wave of terror in the Valley after the martyrdom of Burhan Wani by openly targeting youth and school children with pellet guns which made thousands of people blind. The UN had offered to send fact-finding mission to investigate the horrific incidents but as there was no pressure on New Delhi, therefore, it did not allow it to happen. Given the extremist nature of Modi junta, we have no doubt in saying that the situation will further worsen not only in the IoK but also on the border with Pakistan in the days to come and turning the back to it may entail disastrous consequences for peace and stability of the whole region. We will urge important capitals especially Washington to use its influence on India to get the bloodshed stopped in the occupied Valley. Time has come that expeditious steps are taken by the UN for resolution of the festering dispute in accordance with the UNSC resolutions. As India has refused dialogue, it will be appropriate that the UN Secretary General appoints a special envoy on Kashmir as was done in the case of East Timor to ensure peaceful settlement of the decades old dispute.

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