Crimes in Karachi

The Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) released a data revealing that about 18,000 mobile phones were snatched at gunpoint from January to July 2018 in the city as compared to 16,000 phones snatched last year. Besides, 12,573 motorcycles were also stolen while the number of cars stolen/snatched amounted to 474 during the last seven months.
Simultaneously, there were two cases of bank robberies and 33 cases of extortion reported, with 199 citizens being killed in the past year. The crime rate in Karachi has jumped up as the issue is overlooked by law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, the common man feels disappointed in falling in the hands of the predators and are left empty handed. So, I request the CM of Sindh to look into the issue with taking serious action for the sake of restoring confidence among the citizenry.
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