Crime rate surfacing again in Karachi, perturbs trade & industry


Amanullah Khan

A. Abdullah Zaki – Chairman Pakistan Soap Manufacturers Association while commenting on surfacing law and order situation, acts of terrorism, sectarian violence, target killing, ransom mafia, road snatching, car lifting and other street crimes are increasing day by day. He added that heaps of garbage is every where in Karachi and there is no arrangement for cleanliness, for which the provincial government as well as Federal Government are responsible. They want fruitless enjoyments dreaming that every thing is just fine. This apathy of attitude is highly deplorable. At present our industries are passing through a very critical phase due to law and order situation. The number of people is increasing below poverty line. The population is deprived of health services,
Potable water, ordinary education and other essentials of daily life. Our people are crying in distress due to the sky rocketing inflation, but our Leaders in power corridors are in deep sleep. He appealed to Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Core
Commander Lt. General Shahid Baig Mirza, DG Rangers Major General Mohammad Saeed, and Chief of Sindh Police to take immediate cognizance of the gravity of situation and direct Provincial Government of Sindh to take appropriate action in the larger and long sighting interest of the country. Abdullah Zaki added if Government does not take action for present situation, the foreign investment will shift to other countries and local investors will also shift their capital. Our Father of the Nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah RA said work, work & work” for the survival & prosperity of Pakistan. We can not create a respectable status among nations of the world until we are economically strong and industrially viable, while Government machinery does not like to work.
They are conscious for their security and enjoying protocol and election campaign, even they have no plan to control crime activities even in the largest revenue generated city Karachi” said Abdullah Zaki.

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