Cries of drone-killed taxi driver’s family

THE drone attack in Noshki, Balochistan was most condemnable incident as it amounted to sheer violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty by the power-drunk United States and, therefore, it is rightly being denounced by the entire nation and protested by Pakistani authorities. However, equally condemnable was the killing of innocent driver of the vehicle, which was hit by the US drone. A Pakistani citizen was killed in the dastardly attack but the issue has not been highlighted as it should have been.
Now his family has moved against his cruel killing by lodging an FIR against the US authorities on murder charges. The plight of the family has been summarized by a sentence in the FIR which points out he was the sole breadwinner of the large joint family, and that this was an attack on the family that hardly earns enough for two meals a day. It is ironical that neither the Pakistani, nor American governments have so far contacted the family consisting of Azam’s wife, his four children, and a disabled brother Yar Muhammad, to condole or discuss compensation after the loss of the bread earner. This speaks volumes about apathy of all concerned over killing of a Pakistani national in a unilateral drone strike. Earlier too, a number of Pakistanis became victim to drone strikes but nothing was done except considering them as collateral damage. This runs contrary to the acute concern shown by the United States on numerous occasions in the past when it went out of the way to get release of its nationals who were guilty of murder of Pakistanis. The family of the driver has taken the right step by lodging an FIR against the United States and we believe it is duty of the Government as well as legal community to extend all possible assistance to the family to pursue the case at different forums. We also expect from the United States, which considers itself as champion of human rights, not only to offer apology but also extend adequate compensation to the family of the victim. If the United States can give permission to its citizens to file suit against foreign governments for compensation over killed of their near and dear ones in 9/11 attack then why should it avoid paying the same to the families of innocent people killed in numerous drone attacks in Pakistan and other parts of the globe.

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