Cricket statisticians differ over England’s second innings opening score

Bipin Dani


In the ongoing second Test match against Sri Lanka at the Pallekele International Cricket Stadium, five penalty runs for Sri Lankan batsman running short have been added to the England’s first innings total.
However, according to the world’s renowned Indian cricket statistician Mohandas Menon. these five penalty runs should have been added to England’s second innings.
Even the cricket specific website and the BBC have also not shown the same in England’s 2nd innings total.
“England before the start of their 2nd innings should have been 5 for no wicket. Why it is not added (in the second innings) I can’t say”, speaking exclusively, he said.
“Usually the team batting 2nd should have started with 5-0, but this time they added it to England’s Ist inns”, he added.
However, according to the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club), the custodian of laws of cricket, the five penalty runs are rightly added to England first innings.
Explaining the reason, Fraser Stewart, the Cricket Academy Manager at Lord’s, said, “41.18.4 When 5 Penalty runs are awarded to the fielding side, they shall be added as Penalty extras to that side’s total of runs in its most recently completed innings. If the fielding side has not completed an innings, the 5 Penalty runs shall be added to the score in its next innings”.
Another cricket statistician from South Africa, Andrew Samson also echoed the MCC law. “The penalty runs are added to England’s first innings”.
“If the batting team is penalized and the fielding team has already batted then the penalty runs are awarded to the previous innings. If the batting team is penalized and the fielding team has not yet batted then the runs are added to the upcoming innings”, he said.

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