Cricket and jazz — a match made in heaven


Pakistan, today, is celebrating what can easily be called the revival of the golden days of cricket. With the World XI series being hosted in the country, the embargo on international cricket has been lifted. This almost seems like a dream for Pakistan which has seen its share of discrimination, persecution and systematic dismantlement as a cricketing nation. So crippling was the effect that the country’s cricketing infrastructure was going to ruin and the nation’s confidence hitting an all-time low. The journey to today has been a long and arduous one. In a sea of naysayers labelling Pakistan as unsafe and international cricket teams adamant not to visit, there have been beacons of hope which have consistently been working to push the country out of the abyss.
The first significant international fruition of their efforts came in the shape of the immensely successful Pakistan Super League (PSL) held in 2016 and consecutively in 2017. The nation was glued to their TV screens as NajamSethi, the proponent behind the event opened the second season’s finale in Lahore.
‘We are united and a nation which can’t be stopped from doing the right.’ – NajamSethi
The triumph of this endeavour is enough to outshine any other achievements but it is absolutely pertinent to look beyond the dazzle to the entities who have long stood steadfast to the dream of uplifting Pakistani cricket. One such powerhouse has been Jazz, Pakistan’s largest telecom operator boasting a market share of more than 52 Million consumers.

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