Creation of Pakistan was Godly arrangement: Habib

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How an event, the Muslims of the sub-continent, kept on waiting for over two centuries, could have come into being unnoticed. Therefore, Allah the Almighty, made it happen on the sacred day of 27th Ramzan and in the most blessed night of Al-Qadar, to make it historically remembered and religiously significant.
This was the gist of an informative and thought provoking lecture delivered by renowned scholar Dr. Habib Ur Rehman Asim at Aiwan-i-Quaid.
Pakistan Council arranged the event in its socio-literary chapter Nuqta-i-Nazar on the topic “Laila-Tul-Qadar, Qiyam-e-Pakistan Aur Mashiat-e-Aizdi”. Dr. Ayub Sabir presided over the meeting.
He maintained that the founders of Pakistan were the real practicing followers of the teachings of Quran therefore; they laid down its foundations right in line with the principles of the Holy Quran. The ideology of Pakistan is nothing else than that of the ideology of Quran, so we need to practice Quran in letter and spirit for its strength and sovereignty, he said.
In his presidential address, Prof. Dr. Ayub Sabir said that creation of Pakistan had the blessings of a unanimous backing of the Pakistan movement by the religious as well as the Socio-Political groups of that time and its progress also asks for such uniformity in all spheres of life, even now.
Earlier, Dr. Naeem Ghani, Chairman NPC and maintained that all segments of society should put up their best efforts for making the country as strong as desired by the founders of Pakistan. A large number of writers, educators and scholars attended.

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