Crackdown on spurious drugs

A realistic analysis of Shahbaz Sharif tenure as Punjab Chief Minister proves that while carrying out mega development projects he did not show any neglect to some other very important issues that directly affect the lives of common man. Extending support to outstanding and shining students and now launch of drive against spurious drugs clearly manifest how much importance he gives to both education and health of the people.
While addressing a ceremony in Lahore on Saturday, the Punjab CM categorically stated that he would not be content until the evil trade of spurious drugs is rooted out and that a law will also be enacted to give exemplary punishment to dealers of spurious drugs. Given the thriving business of counterfeit drugs, which is playing with lives of common man and also hurting interests of pharmaceutical industry, expressing such a commitment is indeed refreshing. We are confident that CM Punjab will live up to his reputation and take this campaign against fake drugs to logical conclusion sooner rather than later. Since the phenomenon is not restricted to Punjab only rather it has spread its tentacles in different streets and towns of every city, we expect that other provincial authorities will also tighten the noose against unscrupulous elements who are involved in this ruthless business. We are confident that pharmaceutical companies will also be forthcoming in helping provincial governments to trace out counterfeit drug networks. These companies had in the past established special in-house departments to trace out these elements and they can provide valuable inputs to relevant departments to bring to book such culprits at the earliest. Besides, we will also urge the government to address genuine concerns of pharmaceutical industry and provide it full support so that it could fully realise its growth potential and contribute more to national economy.

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