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The Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors (CPNE) has resolved to defend supremacy of Constitution and democracy. In a resolution adopted at the National Security Conference, the representative body of newspaper editors rejected all efforts to destabilise democratic and constitutional structure of the country.By and large, Pakistani media and newspaper editors have all along been instrumental in upholding democratic values and system and supported constitutional scheme of things. Whenever, there was political or constitutional crisis, media and its representative bodies fought along with other segments of the society for the cause of democracy and Constitution. It is because of the sustained efforts of Pakistani media that today people are more conscious about their role and responsibility as well as the need to preserve democracy and democratic norms. As pointed out by some veteran editors at the Conference in Islamabad, democracy in Pakistan might not be perfect but it doesn’t mean that it should not be allowed to work. Other countries of the world took decades in strengthening the democratic process and system and now they are reaping the benefits. Unfortunately, in this country, democracy was not allowed to function smoothly and every time either there was supra-constitutional interventions or opposition parties resorted to leg-pulling of the party in power and in the process caused serious dents to the democratic process. We believe that all parties should demonstrate wisdom and maturity and resolve the issues through discussions and dialogue. Violence would not bring benefits to anyone and instead harm all and the biggest losers would be the state of Pakistan, which badly needs stability.

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