CPEC: Today it’s Iran, tomorrow others

A H Bhatti

The time is nearing when every country of the region would ask to have a proper role in the geo-strategic game changer, i.e. CPEC. Today it’s Iran, tomorrow others will follow. It is, of course, a positive sign and recognition of the wisdom behind the CPEC project as a viable economic opening for the entire region.
There is a genuine need to convince Afghanistan also to revisit its acrimonious policy towards Pakistan, smell and realise the hidden designs of India and being a practicing Muslim society link its future with the Islamic world. It is also incumbent upon Pakistan to go extra mile to hug and embrace Afghanistan as it has been doing for the last 36 years and even beyond, and try to rope in Afghanistan into this project. Iran is wise enough to think over the benefits of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor; as it can link its Chahbahar port with Gwadar via road and rail link, practically declare Chabahar as a sister area with Gwadar and share the fruits of the entire mineral rich belt with brotherly Pakistan and commercially contribute to the cater for the energy element for Gawadar Project/CPEC.
We need to improve our relations with our neighbours, to strengthen our common security and prosperity. We also need to be vigilant and stay strong by connecting with our sincere friends. It’s time we should take courageous decisions of our own interest and not get dictated by far away powers. Not to disregard any one as we respect them all but we have to think of our country’s prosperity first. Off course, we must play our brotherly role for Iran and KSA to deescalate their bilateral tensions through dialogue and should also proactive try to bring Afghanistan back to normalcy as a peaceful, self reliant neighbouring brotherly country.
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