CPEC: Threats and challenges

Abdullah Mustafvi

Extra efforts are being made by the present government to bring economy back on her feet by getting rid of ventilator. Blame is all on the shoulders of past ruling regime, while the present rulers claim to be busy in burning their mid night oil to put all the economic matters right during much talked about first 100 days.
Prime Minister’s two visits to Saudi Arabia and recent trip to China primarily aimed at seeking much needed support for the weak patient placed on ventilator back at home. Prior to these visits, there was a lot of hue and cry upon expected IMF bailout package! It was obvious that Pakistan was compelled against all her wishes to approach IMF for bailout package.
Unfortunately, present government had no prior planning or home work to deal with deteriorated economy which led to devaluation of currency as a result of belated decision to approach IMF for an unavoidable bailout package. While all these developments were taking place, few meaningful responses from important players added much to the worries of Pakistan. Surprisingly, IMF inquired about the minute details of financial matters related to CPEC including the Chinese investments and loans.
It was almost the same time once American Spokesperson Heather Nauret came out with a more meaning statement that USA had been deliberately analyzing all the details of Chinese loans rendered to Pakistan. It was not at all difficult to understand the real intent hidden in the statement of American spokesperson and the demand made by IMF authorities. It is obvious that IMF and USA carry serious reservations against rapidly strengthening Pak- China economic cooperation which includes CPEC at top of the list. Though it is all beyond any doubt but certain west influenced media circles in Pakistan usually don’t get convinced easily especially once anything moves at national canvas against the wishes of USA.
How any sane mind can ignore the threatening statement of Mike Pompeo in which he loudly instructed IMF to refrain from granting any loan to Pakistan which might be used to clear the Chinese debts by the later. Undoubtedly, Chinese economic expansion across the globe is a permanent source of trouble for USA. Stretch of CPEC in Pakistan from Northern areas to beaches of Gawadar is neither acceptable to India nor suits to USA.
Recent past terrorism in Northern areas primarily aimed at sabotage of CPEC. RAW sponsored terrorists hindered acceleration on CPEC by spoiling the atmosphere through piecemeal incidents of setting schools on fire. More focused and forceful attempts are being in Balochistan as well to dislodge law and order apparatus. Unfortunately most of our English media quarters, on one hand adopted meaningful silence over Indian sponsored terrorism in Northern areas and Balochistan, and on the other hand started a negative campaign against CPEC.
Before spreading baseless doubts about CPEC, dubious media quarters should refresh collective memory and recall the venomous statement made by Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj against CPEC in Indian Parliament four years back. Sushma Swaraj spilled beans by claiming that India had serious objections on CPEC as it would be passing through such Pak occupied disputed territories which actually belong to India. This dirty objection was being persistently raised by the India at many occasions through top ranked officials.
Indian Prime Minister Narinder Modi expressed objections over CPEC during his visit to China and received a jaw breaking reply from Chinese government. Negative Indian mindset has not yet found a proper cure rather growing ties with USA adding more fuel to anti Pakistan fury. Reportedly, a special desk exclusively deputed in RAW against CPEC is vigorously operating, with a huge flow of money, under personal supervision of national security advisor Ajeet Doval who reports all matters directly to Prime Minister Narinder Modi. Pakistan is confronting such hostile neighbors on eastern and western fronts who are all set to go all out in quest of coercion.
There are serious troubles on internal and external fronts. Country is pitched in a complex war being fought simultaneously on economic, internal, diplomatic and military fronts. Recent eye opening developments unfolding at the side lines of ongoing economic crisis deserve a serious head on shoulders. Objections raised directly or indirectly by IMF, USA and India against CPEC at various occasions are complexly interlinked.
It is not time to sit idle in ‘wait and see mode’! Transparency is must in all governmental projects and CPEC is no exception to this universal rule. But at the same time, a close watch should be maintained on anti CPEC propaganda being made by dubious media quarters. Only a fool hardy can keep his eyes closed over Indo-US nexus strengthening with each passing moment at our borders!

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