CPEC starts injecting power into system


PM: Port Qasim Coal Powered Plant milestone, symbol of Pak-China Friendship; CPEC to bring socio-economic development in Pakistan, region: Chairman Power China

Sophia Siddiqui


First Unit of 660 megawatt of coal based power plant jointly developed by Power China Resources Ltd. and AMC from Qatar—the first large-scale energy project under CPEC — was inaugurated by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi at an impressive ceremony at Port Qasim here on Wednesday.
The specialty of the project is that no human loss took place during the projects. It will generate the cheapest electricity per unit.
Addressing the ceremony, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that the completion of Unit One is a milestone and a symbol of Pakistan China friendship.
The Prime Minister said that the plant has been completed at a cost of 2 billion dollars in the record of time of 30 months which is ahead of its scheduled time. He added that the second unit of the plant will also be completed early and will be functional in the February next year.
He said that Port Qasim plant is producing cheap electricity and is the most environment friendly power plant of the country. The Prime Minister said the Port Qasim Power Plant project reflects the vision of President Xi Jinping and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
CPEC will play a vital role in the economic development and progress of Pakistan. He added that projects completed under CPEC will provide job opportunities to thousands of unemployed youth o f the country, said the Prime Minister
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi stated that the Port Qasim power plant is the first project that has been completed under CPEC. He said that besides this a number of projects in LNG sector have been initiated.
The Prime Minister said that the next general elections will be held in 2018. He said that democracy is the only choice for Pakistan to ensure stability, progress and prosperity. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said the government believes in the freedom of information and expression and there was no curbs on print and electronic media.
He said that the state institutions have successfully defeated terrorism in the country. He said that all institutions are united in their resolve to uproot terrorism from the country.
He said it was honour for the PML(N) Government that it is inaugurating the projects it started as compared to several projects that were in progress in the tenure of several past governments and still couldn’t be completed.
Khaqan added when we came to power, power outages of 16 or more hours were normal. He said it is the commitment of PML(N) for overcoming energy shortage that now we are capable of producing surplus energy.
He said we are committed to CPEC and are working on several other projects of billions of dollars in Gwadar and other parts of the country.
Addressing the ceremony, Chairman of Power China Resources Limited Mr. Yan Xhiyong said the grand CPEC project will certainly play a positive role in advancing economic and social progress in Pakistan and in the region.
As a Global Fortune Top 500 company and a Chinese state-owned enterprise, Power Construction Corporation of China (“POWERCHINA”) enjoys unique competitive edge of knowledge on water and power, expertise on planning and engineering, strength on construction and installation, and ability on investment and operation, which has equipped itself to actively undertake many on-going CPEC projects. POWERCHINA Resources Ltd., an important overseas investment arm of POWERCHINA, has superior capability in capital operation and project development in electric power and mineral resource sector. Currently, there are 8 projects in operation in Cambodia, Laos, Nepal and D.R. Congo, and 6 projects are under construction in Pakistan, Laos and Indonesia. Meanwhile, a series of power and mineral projects in various countries, such as Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Tanzania, Indonesia and Bangladesh, are now being actively promoted. The Chairman said POWERCHINA attaches great importance to the project and has taken full advantage of integration of whole industry chain, to make the project a demonstration project under the “Belt & Road Initiative” and CPEC.
Since the commencement of massive construction in May 2015, the project has been gaining the highest attention and strongest support from the governments of Pakistan and China. With the close cooperation with PPIB, NTDC, CPPA and other stakeholders, relying on the ample international operation management expertise and core leading technologies, POWERCHINA successfully built a high quality, technologically advanced and environment-friendly power plant on a literally barren plot of sea shoal within only 30 months. On November 10, 2017, the first unit synchronization was successfully achieved 50 days ahead of the schedule. The success of the project has profoundly reflected the increasingly strengthened all-weather strategic cooperative partnership, witnessed the solid brotherhood and demonstrated the sincere cooperation between China and Pakistan. He said that China-Pakistan relations will always be cordial and encapsulated by the bond of friendship and love.
Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yau Jing, said that successful landing of the Port Qasim project will benefit the people of the both countries. Thanking Qatari for the help in project, he said that “ Project is an example of the early harvest of win-win cooperation between Pakistan and China”. The Chinese Ambassador said that CPEC will benefit the region.
Federal Minister for Energy on Power Division Awais Laghari said that government is committed to end the loadsheding and now it has enough energy to meet the power crises. He added that federal and provincial governments are working to develop National Electricity Plan which will help to consumers to protect their rights.

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