CPEC progresses ahead

ACCORDING to latest information, Eastern and Western routes of CPEC will be completed by early 2019. CPEC Project Director Hassan Daud said in an interview that first phase of CPEC envisages projects relating to road infrastructure, railways and energy sectors, which are expected to be completed by end of this year. He said the 2nd phase of CPEC envisages establishment of economic zones, which will bolster industrial growth in the country.
Completion of both Eastern and Western routes just within one year means defeating designs of all those who opposed the monumental project on one pretext or the other and created hurdles in the way of its implementation during initial period. Some internal forces even erected barriers just because they didn’t want that credit for implementation of the historic project should go to incumbent government. And as for external enemies are concerned, they continue to undermine its implementation but credit goes to government for steadfastly pursuing various projects despite attacks on workforce employed on CPEC-related projects and acts of subversion and destruction. It is also good that different political parties and provincial governments too have finally realised that CPEC is a vehicle for accelerated socio-economic development, therefore, there was no justification to oppose it on any account. Instead, they are becoming active partners and collaborators in pursuing this game changer project, which is a firm guarantee of its success. Once the two routes become operational, this would also expose hollowness of claims by some vested interests that are still adamant to describe CPEC as yet another manifestation of East India Company. These are, in fact, thankless lot as instead of appreciating the generous cooperation and assistance being extended by the time-tested friend China for economic wellbeing of the country, they are instrumental in spreading venom and thereby doing the job of those who are opposed to it either because of their enmity with Pakistan or they do not want to see China expanding and deepening its sphere of influence through friendly and cooperative diplomacy. The PML (N) government has very limited time at its disposal; therefore, we would urge it to focus all its energies on meticulous implementation of ongoing projects both under and outside the umbrella of CPEC.

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