CPEC offers enormous investment opportunities from Khunjrab to Gwadar

Mohammad Arshad


Along the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), there are opportunities for investment in every tourism sector from Khunjrab to Gwadar. For the development of tourism, the involvement of local community is essential so that high and quality facilities are made available to the foreign as well as domestic tourists.
“ The time is not far when the world will feel that Pakistan is truly a tourist paradise. Tourism interests can be created by highlighting regional development and culture” General Manager, Pakistan Tourism Ali Akbar Malik said while addressing a panel discussion at the ‘Meet Pakistan Conference Through Arts, Culture and Society. He further said that development and promotion of tourism in the country is the first priority of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) ), and efforts will be continued in this regard.
Due to the improvement in the security situation in the country, domestic tourism has increased significantly compared to last few years and the overall impact of Pakistan is improving in the world. Tourism is the only sector that can bring people closer from different nations in the world and establish mutual harmony. Pakistan is a peaceful country where tourism has countless opportunities.
Ali Akbar Malik said that the natural scenes, historical and cultural heritage and hospitable people of have a unique blend the world’s tourist which makes it an outstanding country. Results can only be achieved from appropriate marketing only.
New dimensions are being introduced to tourists’ entertainment, including air and rail safari, tourism satellite channels etc. Tourism is also being introduced as curriculum in the national universities. For the promotion of tourism, formulation of National Tourism Strategy is also under final stages of completion.
He added that holding such conferences would increase the confidence of the world to Pakistan and foreign tourists will be encouraged to come to Pakistan. The need is to create awareness about Pakistani tourist places to our young generation so that they can see their homeland and enjoy diverse scenes in it. In this case, Pakistani embassies abroad in foreign countries can play a pivotal role.
President of the Sustainable Tourism Foundation and PTDC’s Honorary Coordinator, Aftab ur Rehman Rana, while briefing on ecotourism said that some important steps are required to be taken to promote tourism in the country, which include establishment of a National Tourism Authority in order to promote tourism in the country as well as highlight the identity of the country. Development of tourism will not only increases domestic income but will also help in highlighting the positive image of Pakistan at the international level. Due to the political stability and peace restoration, trade has increased and the increase in investment is also expected.
On this occasion, PTDC established a Tourist Information Counter where tourism brochures and publications were distributed to the participants of the conference, while souvenirs were presented to senior figures were also presented.

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