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One Belt One Road initiative reassures peace
Amanullah Khan


Describing Pakistan China Economic Cooperation especially China Pakistan Economic Corridor as an economic boon for Pakistan, Muhammad Zubair Governor Sindh has emphasized to learn from China the art of transforming existing resources and the strength of young people into economic advantages of the country.
Conducted by senior journalist Salahuddin Hyder, the RTC was attended besides others by a galaxy of business tycoons, leading diplomats, politicians, and educationists. Mr. Gohar Zahid Malik, the Executive Editor Pakistan Observer and Mr. Umar Zahid Malik Director Pakistan Observer also air dashed from Islamabad to Karachi to attend the conference. Besides Wang Yu, Consul General of China, the consul general of France Mr Francois Dollarso, Consul General of Korea Mr Kim Donggi, Noor e Helal Saifur Rehman Consul General of Bangla Desh, and CG Iran were also present on the occasion.
Gen. Retd, Ehsan Ul Haq, Chairman 101 Friends of China paid glowing tributes to the untiring services of late Zahid Malik for Ideology of Pakistan economic prosperity of the country. The creation of 101 Friends of China was the brainchild of Zahid Malik who created this Think Tank enhancing people to people interaction and connectivity of the two countries.
Gen Ehsan while welcoming the guests, shared his experience when he visited China as a young army officer where he was given exceptionally warm welcome in every department as the guest from brother country of Pakistan and since then that love and sincerely between China and Pakistan is progressing uninterruptedly.
The Governor Sindh was speaking as the guest of honour at the Round-Table Conference held in Karachi today on “China—The Peace Maker” organized by “101 Friends of China” the think tank which was established by late Zahid Malik, the founding Editor in Chief of Pakistan Observer with an objective to enhance economic cooperation and people to people connectivity of the two countries.
The Governor while discussing the history of friendship and relationship between Pakistan and China paid glowing tributes to the visionary leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who actually laid the everlasting edifice of friendship between the two countries. However that relationship based on emotional as well as political understanding following Pakistan’s role in globally recognition of Republic of China in the United Nation. However the present state of economic cooperation was the outcome of the first delegation at ministerial level dispatched b y the present government culminating in the mega project of CPEC. He reiterated that since China have acquired the business wisdom we should also learn the art of doing business from our Chinese friends.
Countering the remarks made by Dr Huma Baqai regarding economic and financial challenges faced by the country today, he said we should look at both sides of the picture we should set aside the positive remarks made by Moody and Standard and Poor regarding growing economic indicators of Pakistan economy as well as un precedence GDP growth and all time low rate of rate of inflation maintained by Pakistan for the last several years. Under the CPEC Pakistani youth are also being provided job opportunities and hundreds of them are being imparted technical training for the upcoming projects ranging from energy sector and special economic zones.
Speaking on the occasion Mr Wang Yu, Consul General of China said in a firm tone we are focusing on early completion of the project under the flagship of CPEC as almost19 projects including power projects based on coal, hydel and wind, nuclear and solar energy in different part of the country, construction of road connectivity, vocational training programs, fishing and sea food projects, near to completion.
He expressed the hope that future of Pakistan China friendship is aimed at poverty alleviation and establishment of peace in the region and the key for peace is economic stability which dominates the political regime in today’s world. He appreciated the true spirit of brotherhood and friendship between the two countries and Pakistan’s role in the early days for reckoning Communist China as the first country and paved the way for entering at the UN forum. He expressed his confidence the any change on the government front would not affect the spirit of cooperation between China and Pakistan.
Arif Habib, Chairman Arif Habib Investment ltd one of the leading business leader of the country while speaking on the role of China as a peace maker through the global project of One Belt One Road is a practical initiative for reassuring peace in the region and the world, said that the CPEC is the real game changer of the economic scenario in Pakistan as it is the economic stability which ensure peace. He did not agree with the apprehensions expressed by some of the speakers that the debt servicing of over $60 billion would be a risk for financial health of Pakistan. He said of the $60 billion $20 billion is a loan of government to government level at the soft term of 4 percent and in other projects even less than 4 percent in power sector. As a result of economic activity and investment a positive impact of 2 percent growth in Pakistan GDP will also support for the economy and debt servicing hence it is not a risk or challenge for financial health of Pakistan.
The CEO & President of Habib Metro Sirajuddin Aziz while speaking on Pakistan China relations pointed out that it is the economic interest of the two countries which had brought them together besides the long standing friendship spanning over decades. In fact the investment coming from China is a delayed because the economic potential of the country were not highlighted in a true spirit. In 1990 China had entered into Africa region which has become a focal point of economic activity due to its economic potential. Pakistan too has great economic potential and the mega project of CPEC can be a game change provided we learn to exploit economic potential of the country and seek transfer of technology especially in the 46 economic zones as China is known for development such economic zones of high calibre which can add new life to economic activity of Pakistan. As far as true friendship with China is concerned it has provided a reality on various testing times. He recalled that the Bank of China operating since 1949 was gifted to National Bank in 1972 instead of selling it to any Pakistani bank when China had lost its economic interest in this region which speaks loudly the sincerity of friendship with Pakistan.
Speaking on the occasion the senior business leader, former Chief Executive TDAP SM Munir and president FPCCI highlighted the facts which led to a unique bond of friendship between Pakistan and China. He said that it was Pakistan who supported China’s entry into United Nations in 1957-59. PIA was the only airline in the world which was permitted to land on Chinese soil otherwise no other airline had an opportunities to operate in China. Pakistan was given the status of most favorite nation. Currently the construction of road connectivity from Gwadar to Kashgar is well poised to be economic milestone in the region. He said.
Faisal Zahid Malik Editor-in-Chief Pakistan Observer and Senior Vice Chairman 101 Friends of China on the occasion did not forget to remember his distinguished father late Zahid Malik, Founding Editor in Chief Pakistan Observer and founding Chairman 101 Friends of China said that Mr Zahid Malik had a great passion for the promotion of Pak-China relations and to put his dream into reality he founded a mega strategic think tank b y the name of “101 Friends of China”
He said that the 101 FOC was established with the sole objective of undertaking diverse initiatives to further consolidate and cement friendly ties between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Peoples’ Republic of China.
Highlighting some of the some of the major activities of this think tank Faisal Zahid Malik said that on the day of establishment in a high profile gathering where Chief Minister Punjab Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif and Mr Sun Weidong, Ambassador of the Peoples Republic China were also present where an MoU was signed with Xinhuan News Agency.
101 Friends of China also arranged a dinner for Madam Bao Jiqing, wife of the Chinese Ambassador on in 2015 to express solidarity with the Chinese families in Pakistan. An MoU was also signed between the Cultural Centre of the Chinese Embassy and Pakistan Observer’s weekly magazine Social Diary to publish news and pictures of Chinese social gatherings.
101 FOC convened a high profile RTC in Karachi titled “Karachi Nuclear Power Plants—“Misperceptions and Reality” in 2015 in which leading dignitaries of Karachi and representatives of all the major political parties of Pakistan participated. The RTC was convened to blunt a massive sinister campaign waged by a foreign funded academic and activist in Karachi to create fear in the minds of the people regarding the leakage/ meltdown of the K2/K3 nuclear power plants and the havoc it would wreck in the metropolitan city of Karachi. On that occasion Mr Ansar Pervez, the then Chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission made a compelling presentation to establish that there was no risk whatsoever of leakage of meld-down.
Besides that a 10-member delegation consisting of senior members of think tank headed by its chairman Mr Zahid Malik visited China on the invitation of the Chinese People’s Institute of foreign affairs, Beijing. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also received the delegation and they discussed international and regional situation as well as matters of mutual interest, it was an extremely productive visit on the part of Pakistan which was prominently highlighted by Chinese media.
Another meeting of the think tank who held in Islamabad to support China on the South China Sea issue. Mr Zahid Malik late Chairman 101 FOC DELIVERED Address of welcome. The Deputy Head of Mission of Chinese Embassy Mr Zhao Lijian also spoke on the occasion. It merits mentioning that Zahid Malik had come a long way from Beijing to Islamabad where he was undergoing treatment for cancer.
Faisal Malik in his concluding remarks said that the Think Tank is poised to open in Circles in all the major cities and towns of Pakistan, It should have been done much earlier but due to said demise of its Chairman Mr Zahid Malik it was delayed, however membership drive for 101 FOC is underway.
Others who spoke on the occasion were Tahir Rizvi CEO, One Apple, Dr. Farooq Sattar Chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan, Former Ambassador Shahid Amin, Dr. Huma Baqai and Mr. Shahnawaz Agha of Live Rostrum. Prominent among the guests were Lt. Gen. Retd Moinuddin Hyder, former governor Sindh, Ameena Sayed CEO Oxford Press, former Senator Haseeb Khan, leading industrialist Mian Zahid, Vice Chancellor Seema Moghal, Dr. Aurangzeb Khan vice chancellor SBB DEWAN University, Mohammad Sami Khan Chairman Association of Pakistan CNG stations and Ali Mandviwala of Synergy Advertising.


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