CPEC is kick start for Pakistan journey to progress


Amanullah Khan

‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a kick start of Pakistan’s long journey for its economic progress and development and whatever the concerns about this project are being expressed are baseless as Pakistan at the age of 70 has become a battle hardened nation and fit to enter a new phase of life to match the new millennium challenges.
This was stated by the chairman Gallup Pakistan, Dr. Aijaz Shafi Gilani while he was delivering Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said Memorial Lecture on the topic: “CPEC and China’s BELT & ROAD INITIATIVE (BRI)” yesterday at Bait al-Hikmah auditorium, Madinat al-Hikmah, Karachi, under the joint auspices of Idara-i-Said, Hamdard University and Hamdard Foundation Pakistan.
He said, the first concern shown about the CPEC was how we would be able to pay a big loan of $ 42 billion? A nation that spent $ 45 billion as a yearly expenditure and Rs. 330 billion on sacrificed animals in a day could bear the burden of $ 42 billion’s loan.
The second concern was when a richest country like America failed to address our poverty how a country like China could do it. The answered was clear that now China was no more a poor country, it had a surplus reservoir of $ 400 billion. In third concern it is said that Chinese workers would replace the Pakistani workers and render them jobless.
‘The fact is that huge amount of capital has accumulated in China and the government of China wants to invest the same in other countries, it does not to want to give aid but trade’, he said, adding: ‘China wants to improve the purchasing power of Pakistan and other countries where it has been investing, for when they have purchasing power they would be able to purchase China’s goods.

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