CPEC is the destiny

KA Abul Hassan

China Pakistan Economic Corridor is profitable for both China and Pakistan as it will provide China much easier access to the Indian Ocean, especially the Gulf countries where it has to travel 13000 kilometres at present, while after construction of the Corridor, the distance would be reduced to just 6000 kilometres, which would save time as well as umpteen fuels.
For Pakistan, it will open up new avenues of prosperity and closer relations with China and Central Asian Republics besides economic benefits for the people of Pakistan. Secondly, the East route and West route will bring positive changes within the country, like enhanced provincial harmony. There will be investment and economic activity, giving way to job opportunities for the local people. CPEC shall really change destiny of the region; rather it is destiny of both China and Pakistan and the whole region..
—Turbat, Balochistan

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