CPEC has enhanced KP importance: Khattak

Tariq Saeed

Peshawar—Observing that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has considerably enhanced the strategic importance of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, the Chief Minister of the province Pervez Khattak has called for realignment and need for assessment of the expected investment in the emerging situation.
“The future of the province is very bright as the situation for investment has been favourable and investors prefer to invest here which will lead to job opportunities in the KP,” Pervez said
Fifty entrepreneurs were arranged for on-spot interviews of job-seeking youth during the fair. Up to 4000 job opportunities are expected to be provided to skilled youth during the fair.
The Chief Minister lauded the arrangements of the job fare and termed it a great achievement adding that unemployment was a great problem in the province due to low industrialization and previous locational disadvantages and lack of wisdom in the past.
He said that the worst law and order situation in the province in the past badly affected industrialization. The situation forced industrialists to leave the province.
He said that now the situation had absolutely changed and investors had been attracted to the province for investment due to solid steps taken by the provincial government for the promotion of industrial sector there.
The Chief Minister underlined the need for uniform development of all corners of the country as backwardness of some area, he said could lead to creation of deprivation. He said that the provincial government was focusing on equal uplift of all areas of the province to ensure uniform development. Highlighting the strategy of the provincial government for the promotion of industrial sector, he informed that TEVTA was established to make training institution effective while government was taking steps with the collaboration of different organizations for provision of quality training to the youth. He appealed to the industrialists to come forward and assist the government in this regard.
Pervez Khattak said that the government was giving due importance to the private sector for promotion of industries and that is why lucrative incentives were being extended to the investors in the province. The Chief Minister said that the future of the province was very bright in the context of CPEC. He said that western route of CPEC would be the shortest one due to which economic activities would flourish in the province as compared to other provinces.
He underlined the need for long-term and effective planning to benefit from the opportunities to be provided by CPEC in the area. The Chief Minister said that KP was considered a non-feasible for industrialization due to the distance from the sea port, lack of raw material and absence of skilled manpower.
“Now the situation had absolutely changed and the province had become a feasible place for industrialization due to steps taken by the government” he maintained. The Chief Minister said that now industrialists of the province could compete with the industrialists from other provinces. He said that apart from five per cent concession on interest, incentives for transportation of machinery and women entrepreneurs, the condition of NOC for establishment of industrial units had been abolished in the province.
He further said that the government was focusing on the improvement of institutions and that is why the EZDMC had been formed to ensure participation of private sector in promotion of industrial sector. He further said that beside the delegation of power to EZDMC, one line budget had been provided to it while one-window operation facility had also been extended to industrialists in the province.

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