CPEC — a geo-economic vision

MINISTER for Interior Ahsan Iqbal, who, in his capacity as Minister for Planning and Development, remained involved in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor initiative from its inception to different stages of implementation, has pointed out that CPEC aims to achieve geo-economic goals for better future of the people instead of geo-political confrontation. Addressing a conference on ‘Changing Security Situation in South Asia and Development of CPEC’ organized by Institute of Policy and Research in Islamabad on Tuesday, he referred to the history of political, geographical, ideological and military tensions within the South Asian region for decades and added that CPEC is a corridor of cooperation and opportunity which will benefit the whole region.
There can be no two opinions as to what has been stated by the Minister and China-Pakistan cooperation has always been aimed at economic well being of the people and peace, security of the region. And CPEC is a glaring example of economic dimension of the cooperation between the two all-weather friends and strategic partners. Regional connectivity and economic development are two major aspects of the project and resultant inter-dependencies would ensure improvement in relations of regional countries and lowering of tension. The project has the potential to change destiny of the land-locked Central Asian countries and Afghanistan that will get short and easy access to warm water through Gwadar, which is kingpin of the CPEC. The project will prove helpful to tackle the menace of terrorism from the region as well, which is a major risk for security and stability of the region. Moreover, through economic uplift of Pakistan under CPEC, there are chances for betterment of India-Pakistan relations. We hope that ultimately India too would understand the economic dimension and revolutionary potential of CPEC, shun its plans to undermine the project and instead join it for improving lot of its own people. In the meanwhile, Government of Pakistan is doing well by improving and expanding the scope of security for CPEC-related projects as their success means prosperity for Pakistan and the region.

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