CPEC Cultural Caravan Pakistan phase ended successfully


ISLAMABAD :China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Cultural Caravan in its first phase in Pakistan, comprising of both Pakistani and Chinese artists passed and camped at important nodal cities along the CPEC route while conducting its programme activities including filmmaking, music and dance performances and Photography. The CPEC Cultural Caravan Pakistan phase ended with a public event at Gwadar city. The Cultural Caravan comprises of Pakistani artists and performers from different genres including music, dance, photography, anthropology, literature and filmmaking are visiting China these days. The Artists will be based in Jinhua University Campus and will be visiting parts of China. The artists will be touring various cultural parks along with tours to design and fashion schools to familiarize themselves with the traditional clothing and the contemporary fashion aesthetic. The Cultural Caravan will also visit multiple museums in China. To familiarize the artists with the local cuisines, they will be dining at the local restaurants all over the province of Xinjiang. After the visit of the Chinese city Xi’an, the final culmination of the project is a grand exhibition that will take place in Islamabad in mid-February at important nodal cities along the CPEC route while conducting its program activities The main idea of the project was to promote cultural exchange, dialogue not only between the two countries but also within the boundaries of the country and to promote historical silk route, stress it as worlds cultural heritage and show its impact on different cultures and nations; to promote economy, its achievement, its positive image as tourist attract, to explore the impact and document influences of the ancient Silk Route in past, one the present and the future of countries and cultures of the region ad to enhance the understanding of different cultures at local level.Through the artistic interaction, the mega cultural showcasing would also help in recognizing the commonalities and differences between cultures of both countries.Through this project, the participants would preserve and document decaying cultural heritage and dying languages; and assure to preserve indigenous knowledge and promote indigenous cultural practices besides strengthening and widening the background for the economic and trade capabilities between two countries.

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