CPEC and Gwadar

Sumaiya Fayyaz

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has attracted attention all over the world. Politicians and analysts say CPEC will reshape the geopolitics of the region and bring unprecedented economic development in Pakistan, rather, the entire region. The hope is that this development will alleviate some of the problems in what is considered the most backward of Pakistan’s Provinces – Balochistan. It would also open a treasure trove by allowing access to the Province’s rich mineral resources.
But there are some problems, which have been overlooked and, if not addressed, could jeopardize the whole project – such as the water crisis in Gwadar. Locals don’t have water to drink. If ordinary residents who have lived there for decades do not have clean drinking water — a scarce commodity in that part of the country because of the failure of successive regimes to address this problem — then any mega construction project is going to face a huge water-shortage problem. Given the recent conspiracies against Pakistan, CPEC is the country’s only option. A growing U.S.-India partnership and the emergence of an Indian-Iranian-Afghan nexus leave Pakistan with no choice but to fast track this vital project. It is, therefore, imperative that the authorities act together and address the key issues that would benefit everyone.
— Karachi

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