Coutner-terror narrative to become identity of Pakistani nation as peace-loving: Khwaja Asif


ISLAMABAD :Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif Tuesday said the national counter-terrorism narrative had made it clear before the world that Pakistani nation would no longer let terrorist elements join its ranks. Addressing at the launch of Paigham-e-Pakistan here at the Aiwan-e-Sadr, the Foreign Minister said the narrative would become the identity of Pakistani nation as peace loving people in the comity of nations. The national narrative against terrorism was launched here based on the decree issued by religious scholars from different walks of life. Khwaja Asif said terrorism had become an issue of international importance and mentioned continuous efforts by Pakistan to eradicate the menace from its soil. He said several successful operations had been carried out in the country against the elements that targeted innocent people. He mentioned that 1829 scholars from across the country declared terrorism and extremism as evil and their unanimity of views demonstrated their patriotism. The Foreign Minister said the country’s civil and military leadership was at one page in their effort to counter terrorism and it was imperative that the nation stood firm behind them. He said Islam and terrorism were in total contrast to each other and added that the government would make every possible effort to achieve the objectives of Paigham-e-Pakistan.

Orignally published by APP

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