Cousin marriage complication

Aisha Naseer

Cousin marriage is a marriage between two people with a common grandparent or some other ancestor. It has been, and continues to be popular in the Sub-continent for ages. However, medical science has proved that such marriages, if repeated again and again, give way to multidimensional physical and mental issues for the new-borns. There are many defects of cousin marriages, like Neuromuscular disorders (Neuropathy, Myopathy, SMA, Myotonia congenital, and Myasthenia gravis), Degenerative brain diseases, Congenital heart defects (Septum, Heart valves, Arteries and veins ) etc.
According to Islamic point of view cousin marriages are allowed and Islam appreciates the cousin marriages. Even our prophet Mohammed (SAW) married his cousins. However, the holy Prophet also emphasised to look far good spouced for your children and expand the family relations through marriage bonds. Moreover, according to science and biological point of view the cousin marriages are genetically unhealthy. In cousin marriages we transfer genes from generation to generation and share DNA and due to this, we have high risk of birth defects. Its most common in Islamic countries but in some scienticically advanced countries and societies, cousin marriages are banned due to the fear of the genetic problems and defects.
There are some societal reasons and justifications that support the concept of cousin marriages, like the customary traditions as in Pakistan and India. Secondly, people prefer their families; they think other families are not reliable as the aliens can cheat and flirt with them. They only trust on their families. Third, land lord and big immovable properly owners prefer cousin marriages to keep the family holdings intact and undistributed; while in other cases high caste families take it as a dishonour and disgrace to get their children married to the inferior calss families.
It is a scientifically and biologically established research that genes get weakened if the successive generations of the same family opt for inter-family marriages and so genetical problems do crop up that affect the children, families and also affect our country future. We can control these problems by creating awareness among the masses about the biological issues emanating from cousin marriages. We need to educate the people, through education and media, in order to have a physically and mentally healthy generation to secure a promising future for the nation.
— Lahore

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