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Courage of conviction!

PAKISTANI Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has been seen and heard stating that India wants to isolate Pakistan and that it was escalating tension for domestic political consumption; something which is no news to Pakistanis. The real news will be when Pakistan is able to bust and expose Indian disinformation continually used by it in which it had been allowed to succeed due largely to absence of concerted diplomatic efforts by Pakistan and lack of unanimous support from Parliament which has either been merely a rubber stamp during Martial Law regimes or totally discordant during elected rule. But more importantly, it has been due to the diminishing courage of conviction in smothering and smashing attempts at making a mockery of the faith we are supposed to derive inspiration from.
One saw grave distortion of the Muslim faith in a demonstration the other day by women activists in Islamabad for so-called women’s rights guaranteed in Islam like in no other Faith on earth; but the text of placards in the demo reflected blatant affront to Islamic values for which a warning against such elements who are Muslims only in name, is clearly served in the Holy Quran Surah Al-ahzaab Ayat 59 onwards. The marching demonstration was allowed to take place in the Capital Town of the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s envisioned ‘State of Madina’, which was given elaborate media coverage including a panel discussion with three remorseless dopatta-free participants allowed to bully a lone burqa-clad lady defending Islamic values.
On the external front, despite self-staged Operations within India and polluting world opinion by blaming Pakistan, every single terror incident in India in the past has been proven to be its own handiwork not only by independent foreign analysts such as Elias Davidson’s account in his book ‘The Betrayal of India,’ exposing US, India, Israeli nexus behind the Mumbai attacks in 2008 which was readily blamed on Pakistan, but also by its own accounts such as the Indian Bureau of Investigation revealing that the Delhi Parliament attack in 2001 was staged to strengthen grounds for enacting POTA giving unlimited powers to its paramilitary forces against any resistance to be dubbed as terrorism; a ploy specifically directed against the uprising in Indian-occupied Kashmir. You keep counting Pathankot, Uri and now Pulwama not forgetting Indian covert operations inside Pakistan attempting to fuel insurgency from its numerous consulates from across Afghanistan into Baluchistan through its agents like Brahmdagh Bughti and Harbiyar Marri enjoying Indian assylum, in Karachi through Altaf Hussain and Gilgit-Baltistan and KP through its Agents in an attempt to destabilize Pakistan and frustrate the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor; all revealed by the assigned Indian Naval officer Kalbhoshan caught in Balochistan travelling with a fake Muslim identity, who confessed masterminding several deadly attacks causing death and destruction in Pakistan and awaits hanging after trial and conviction.
In the case of the recent aborted Indian incursion into Pakistan, although Pakistan’s Military and then its spokesman gave a professionally calibrated response to Indian war-mongering, Imran Khan’s cool and capsuled reaction and its outcome ought to have been followed up with a diplomatic offensive after the rare unanimous response from the floor of the Joint Session of Parliament. Not allowing the Indians off the hook this time Pakistan should by now have moved the Security Council and insisted upon an independent investigation into the Pulwama episode under UN supervision as well as through Pakistan’s eloquent Permanent Representative Maliha Lodhi at the United Nations until the truth of the Indian lie was comprehensively nailed. India clearly has taken to the dogma of telling lies with such confident regularity that they begin to sound like truth, whereas Pakistan has lacked the courage of its convictions to get the truth across to the world. Is it not travesty of truth that Pakistan suffers the most in this global wave of terrorism, makes more sacrifices in men and material than the rest of the world put together and yet it is blamed for sponsoring terrorism and its philanthropic organizations and their sponsors banned in the name of terror funding, while India is letting loose State terrorism in its occupied territory of Kashmir, and against Pakistan in Balochistan, Karachi and across the country for supporting the Kashmir cause for a plebiscite under UN supervision according to its standing Resolutions, but the world continues to be apathetic and indifferent to this grave human transgression by India which openly violates international boundaries of a sovereign nation, brags about supporting and orchestrating the fall of Dhaka and gets away, but if Pakistan or any of its countrymen support the freedom struggle of the inhabitants of an internationally disputed territory they are labelled as terrorists and their organizations banned!
The principal reason is that Pakistan instead of probing and questioning the discriminatory UN yardstick to declare any body or individual a terrorist or funding terrorism based on mere conjectures, has always meekly surrendered to imperial diktats enforced through the UN, proscribing philanthropic Pakistani organizations and their leaders without any proof of their alleged terror involvement or funding in occupied Kashmir. By thoughtlessly clamping down on several religious seminaries and Institutions of late without any proof of their involvement, only for fear of action by Financial Action Task Force (FATF) against the country, this Pakistani Government has done no better.
For all one has known so far, despite taking Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar into custody several times in the past, they have been acquitted by the superior courts of law in the country for lack of concrete evidence against them, while the Chinese have time and again rejected moves by the Zionist troika to have Masood Azhar declared a terrorist by the UN for the same reason. Why then do Pakistani rulers have cold feet in defending their people; is a question for which the nation demands an answer, if not providence in the hereafter.
—The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran ex Director Programmes.