Country’s new President

CHANGE has also happened at Aiwan-i-Sadr. Mamnoon Hussain left the President house after completing his five years term in office during which he certainly set some healthy traditions for his successors to follow. After the passage of 18th amendment in the constitution, the powers of the president have been confined to mere ceremonial figurehead but Mamnoon Hussain known for his simplistic and honest conduct really did a tremendous work towards upholding and promoting national identity, values and norms.
It was during his tenure that photographic exhibitions especially on the life and struggle of founding father Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah were held in the premises of Aiwan-i-Sadr where different segments of the society especially the youth were invited to acquaint them with rich history of the country. He had a clear stance and knowledge of the issues faced by the country and especially he was a strong supporter of China Pakistan Economic Corridor Project (CPEC) and in his speeches always tried to allay the concerns of those who tried to create misperceptions about the mega project. It was also during his tenure that Paigham-i-Pakistan, the fatwa against terrorist attacks, was launched from the Presidency. Most importantly, he made it a point to deliver all his speeches in Urdu irrespective the nature of his audience.
Keeping in view the limited powers the president enjoys, Mamnoon Hussain played his innings very well and one expects that the new President Arif-ur-Rehman Alvi who took oath of his office on Sunday will take forward the traditions introduced by Mamnoon Hussain in his tenure for promotion of national values. Also after getting elected, Alvi while talking to the media persons had vowed to work on the top post in an improved manner stressing that he is not the president of the PTI but the entire nation. Alvi ranked amongst the founding members of the PTI is in politics for a long time and one expects that he will help and facilitate the new government in whatever way he could to deliver on its promises. During his tenure as MNA in the period 2013-18, Alvi worked assiduously on legislative related matters in the lower house and we are confident that while staying neutral and impartial being symbol of federation, he will continue to give his valuable inputs on important matters that also bring visible change in day-to-day affairs of the people.

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