Country’s future can be bright if 6,000 corrupt are put behind bars: Siraj


Jamaat-e-Islami Chief Sirajul Haq on Sunday said that the country’s future can be bright if about six thousand people involved in corruption and embezzlement of resources were put behind the bars.
Addressing a workshop at party’ headquarters in Mansoora Lahore, the JI chief demanded appointment of Mufti Azam or grand Mufti on the pattern of Saudi Arab.
He added that the whole region from Afghanistan to Libya was suffering from terrorism and during action against terrorism Ulema and seminaries were being targeted.
“The enemy has made hostage our politics and educational institutions and our ruler have become a tool of enemy in a war against Muslim Ummah,” he added. He said that General Musharraf gifted terrorism to the nation by becoming ‘US agent’ just for dollars.
Haq complained that Ulema and religious scholars were being harassed by police in Punjab. He added that the Prime Minister had also resorted to giving sermon like the Khateeb of Badshahi Masjid.
He added that for quite some time, some bloggers have been disseminating blasphemous and sacrilegious consents but the government has been keeping mum over such a sensitive issue.
Even the people from minority communities are also demanding strict action against those committing blasphemy on social media, he added—INP

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